MONDAY, MARCH 19, 2018

CEL-SCI collaborates on development of investigational breast cancer treatment

CEL-SCI Corporation recently announced that it has produced a new investigational vaccine for breast cancer in collaboration with Northeast Ohio Medical University.

The vaccine was shown to prevent and treat an HER-2/neu expressing breast cancer tumor in a mouse model of the disease. In further animal testing, the drug was shown to reduce the number of tumors, reduce tumor mass, eliminate tumors from the lymph nodes and peritoneal membranes, as well as changes in the rate of angiogenesis.

Dr. Kenneth Rosenthal of Northeast Ohio Medical University recently presented the testing data in detail at the Immune Responses in the Tumor Microenvironment Workshop in San Diego, California.

The vaccine is based on CEL-SCI's Ligand Epitope Antigen Presentation System technology. LEAPS is a novel peptide platform technology enabling CEL-SCI to develop and manufacture proprietary immunogens. The technology works by mimicking the cell to cell interactions that activate immune cells with synthetic peptides.

LEAPS technology can be applied to potential therapeutic targets of any disease for which an antigenic sequence has been identified. This includes infectious, parasitic, malignant or autoimmune diseases and allergies.

In addition to the breast cancer vaccine, LEAPS-based vaccines have been developed for the prevention or treatment of herpes simplex virus, HIV, influenza and rheumatoid arthritis.