TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

India opens center for drug-resistant TB in Allahabad

A center to treat drug-resistant tuberculosis was recently inaugurated in Allahabad, India.

The center was opened as part of the Indian Revised National TB Control Program at SRN Hospital at MLN Medical College by the hospital's Principal Secretary of Medical Educational JP Sharma, according to IndiaTimes.com.

District TB Control Officer Dr. OP Shahi said the center will treat patients from Uttar Pradesh and its neighboring states. He noted the center was built in compliance with National Airborne Infection Control Guidelines.

Patients diagnosed with drug-resistant TB will be admitted to the center for seven to 10 days for pre-treatment evaluation and initial treatment of the infection.

In Mumbai, TB patients with multi-drug resistant forms of the illness who are having trouble sticking with their treatment schedule will be given the support of a professional counselor. Civic authorities have been demanding the central government provide counselors for directly observed treatment, short-course plus patients for some time, IndiaTimes.com reports.

Three DOTS plus centers are currently treating 2,276 MDR-TB and 24 totally drug-resistant patients. In the absence of regular TB counselors, TB control officers take their place. At the 24 area DOTS centers in Mumbai, which cater to 24,000 patients, social workers are used as counselors.