Multiple countries issue warnings to travelers in Cuba after cholera outbreak

Cuba's Public Health Ministry reported 51 new cholera cases in Havana on Tuesday and several countries are taking precautionary measures with regards to travel to and from Cuba.

The British Embassy in Havana issued a travel advisory encouraging its citizens to take sensible precautions and seek immediate medical attention for diarrhea. Multiple other European diplomats said they are considering similar advisories, Fox News Latino reports.

American diplomats on Cuba issued a travel warning on Monday urging Americans to follow recommendations for health. So far, no tourists have contracted cholera since the outbreak began on January 6.

Diplomats expressed concern that the government is not sharing information about the outbreak in a timely fashion.

The government did not respond to repeated requests for comment and made no experts available to discuss the cholera situation. The health ministry stressed that it was taking preventive measures to put the disease on the path to extinction.

Several health centers in Havana instituted a policy requiring visitors to sanitize shoes by stepping in chlorine upon entering. State schools are stressing hand washing and other hygienic measures.

The outbreak of the water-borne disease did not kill any residents of Cuba, though the disease can kill within weeks through dehydration. An outbreak in nearby Haiti after the 2010 earthquake killed more than 7,200 people, Fox News Latino reports.