Ukraine says only a portion of TB patients can compulsorily be sent to hospital

Ukraine recently announced that only a portion of tuberculosis patients are subject to compulsory hospitalization.

The State Service of Ukraine for the Counteraction to HIV/AIDS and Other Socially Dangerous Diseases said those who are sick with contagious forms of TB, violate the anti-epidemic regime, refuse treatment or endanger others can be sent to a hospital without their consent.

Director Tetyana Aleksandrina said that the State Service reserves the right to petition the government of Ukraine to send a person infected with TB into compulsory isolation in order to render medical assistance to them and to prevent the further spread of TB throughout the country.

Aleksandrina said that countering TB successfully requires the state, healthcare workers and patients to take responsibility, but the public's safety can only be guaranteed by mandatory methods.

"In Ukraine treatment of sick with tuberculosis is free and available, opportunities to receive necessary medical aid are afforded in out-patient and in-patient forms," Aleksandrina said. "Besides, such patients undergo constant communication with doctors and psychologists the tasks of whom to prove the patients the necessity in freewill examination and treatment.

"Specialists hold explaining work among the sick persons to avoid a break in taking medicine as it can lead to complications, in particular development of resistant to medicine tuberculosis and further irreversible consequences for life of the sick person himself. Such an approach appears the priority one in the work with sick people and in case they are ineffective, compulsory hospitalization is to be applied."