TB strain contained in Duval County, Florida

The Florida Department of Health announced the progress made in containing tuberculosis strain FL0046 in Duval County on Friday during its aggressive 2012 TB investigation among homeless individuals.

The DOH located approximately 1,600 out of the 2,100 individuals exposed to 40 active cases of the TB strain in 2010 and 2011, identifying 30 individuals with the fully treatable TB strain. Thirty is the same number of individuals identified with the strain in 2011.

"The department remains committed to the goal of eliminating tuberculosis in Duval County and across Florida," John Armstrong, Florida's surgeon general and secretary of health, said. "Our work continues each day to identify and treat those who may have the TB germ so that we protect communities, prevent latent tuberculosis progression, and assure the cure for those with active tuberculosis."

The DOH followed all recommendations made in a report issued in April by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

During the investigation in Duval County, the department located more than 90 percent of contracts at the highest risk for developing active TB and close to 77 percent of contacts at much lower risk for developing active TB. Since July, state and county partners found and tested 4,084 individuals in Duval County, primarily in the homeless community. Out of those tested, 476 people had the inactive form of TB with only six found to have active TB, all of whom are receiving treatment.

Statewide data demonstrates that TB rates are on the decline, dropping from 753 cases reported in 2011 to 625 cases in 2012.