SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

The Gambia stresses immunization as part of Millennium Development Goals

The European Union's Charge D'Affairs to the Gambia recently said that the country is making mixed progress towards the attainment of its Millennium Development Goals.

Her Excellency Agnes Guillaud highlighted the Gambia's positive steps as well as the challenges it faces two years ahead of the global deadline, according to

"Some very positive results have been achieved in education for all with regards to reduction in illiteracy rates, primary school enrollment, especially for girls, as well as in the health sector for immunization coverage," Guillaud said, the reports.

Guillard also lauded the Gambia's successes towards helping its citizens obtain open access to safe water and sanitation. She said that the EU has cooperated with $2.5 million in direct funding for sanitation and drainage programs, as well as funding several programs to cleanup and protect the environment.

"Significant progress has been achieved with regards to environmental sustainability which is fully integrated in the National Development Policy," Guillaud said, reports. "The most serious environmental problems facing The Gambia include deforestation and water pollution, since contaminated water supplies are responsible for many life-threatening diseases, as well as coastal erosion, for which a €3.86 million EU-financed project is currently being implemented."