Wall Street Journal readers help Indian TB patient over holidays

With the help an Alabama home mortgage firm owner, an Indian patient diagnosed with a drug-resistant strain of tuberculosis was recently able to buy back her family's farm she had mortgaged to help pay for treatment.

John Moore read about Rahima Sheikh's six-year struggle against drug-resistant TB when it was chronicled earlier this year in the Wall Street Journal. Moore told the paper he wanted to help Sheikh, a Muslim living in a remote village in northeast India, according to the Wall Street Journal.

A reporter for the paper put Moore in touch with another reader who wanted to help, Anjul Srivastava, an Indian software engineer living in the San Fransisco area. Together, they contacted Sheikh and her husband and arranged to send them $700 to buy back their farm and hundreds more to consult with doctors and pay for expensive medicines.

The Indian government said that it was committed to helping Sheikh after the article appeared, but the medicines often come late and cost approximately $100 every month.

With both Christmas and planting season approaching, Moore decided to help further. He sent the couple $200 to buy seed for the season.

"My whole life has been saved by these two Americans," Sheikh said, the Wall Street Journal reports. "One day they buy back my field for me, the next day they are buying me seed to plant it. I thank Allah every day that such people were born."