FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

Nepalese must be screened for U.K. visas starting in 2013

The U.K. Border Agency recently announced that it will begin tuberculosis testing in Nepal as part of its visa application process.

TB tests will be required for those planning to come to the United Kingdom from Nepal for more than six months starting on January 2.

The U.K. Border Agency said that it will only accept TB screening and certificates from two clinics operated by the International Organization for Migration in Kathmandu and Jhapa.

The U.K. government announced in May that certain countries would have to introduce testing measures in effort to reduce the number of TB cases in Britain. Nepal is one of 67 countries chosen to add the requirement. The World Health Organization reports Nepal as having a high incidence of the illness.

Those who complete an online visa application form to visit the United Kingdom before the December 31 cutoff date will not be required to take a TB test. Those who plan to stay for less than six months are also exempt.

Children over the age of 11 years must be tested. Children under the age of 11 need to be seen by a clinician who will then determine whether testing is necessary. All children under the age of 16 must be accompanied to a clinic by a parent or guardian.