NanLogix's TB testing technology can identify bacteria in five days

A recent study demonstrated that NanoLogix's BioNanoPore Ultra-Fast Identification Technology is capable of detecting tuberculosis in five days.

The study was conducted by James Rogers and Young W. Choi from Battelle's Biomedical Research Center and appears in the online edition of the Journal of Microbial & Biochemical Technology, according to

"This study demonstrates that BNP can detect Mycobacterium tuberculosis faster than standard plating techniques in the presence or absence of a simulated biological matrix (artificial sputum), the authors wrote, reports. "This study provides a preliminary assessment of the potential use of BNP for a more rapid screening and detection of viable M. tuberculosis with respect to clinical specimen evaluation, therapeutic treatment/vaccine efficacy, or epidemiological surveillance."

Current testing TB techniques can often take more than two weeks to show results and have several significant limitations. They are unable to differentiate between live actual infection and the presence of dead bacteria in patients that are immune to the illness. Current techniques are also generally expensive and require highly trained personnel to conduct.

"This ability could provide major assistance in the ongoing campaign to combat the scourge of Tuberculosis. We are committed to helping wipe out this horrible disease that takes over one million lives a year," NanoLogix's CEO Bret Barnhizer said, reports. "As a partner in the Stop TB Alliance, we look forward to working further with them and WHO officials in a real effort to eradicate TB."