MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Michigan school closed due to flu-like illnesses

Schools in L'Anse, Michigan, were recently closed for 2.5 days because of significant absences due to illness.

Local school superintendent Ray Pasquali said that many staff and students were missing due to a proliferation of flu-like symptoms. Pasquali said the number of sick students was climbing by the hour, according to

Pasquali said that nearly 30 percent of elementary school students in his district were staying home, as well as nearly 20 percent of those who attend junior and senior high schools.

A monthly school board meeting was cancelled and the board will not meet again until the regularly scheduled meeting in mid-January. All varsity sporting events have also been postponed.

School is scheduled to resume Thursday and Friday and will then be dismissed for the holidays.

Michigan state health officials recently reported a higher number of flu cases occurring earlier than usual this year. Significant increases in flu activity have also been reported nationwide, according to

Last week the Michigan Department of Community Health reported 63 confirmed cases of the illness, up from 34 the week before.

"That's a pretty big jump," MCDH spokesperson Angela Minicuci said, reports. "It's hard to predict if it will continue. It is a concern to see this many cases this early in the season."