Jordan: Novel coronavirus cases were isolated

After recently confirming two fatal infections with a novel coronavirus in Jordan in April, the Jordanian health ministry said on Sunday that no additional cases have surfaced in the country since April.

On Friday, the World Health Organization reported the results of tests identifying the novel CoV in two people with severe respiratory infections in a Zarqa, Jordan-based hospital intensive care unit in April. No further tests results were reported in the additional nine people with similar symptoms in the hospital at that time, CIDRAP News reports.

"Since April, the health ministry has not recorded any case of the coronavirus in Jordan," Abdullatif Wreikat, Jordan's health minister, said, according to AFP.

Five cases of the CoV were also reported this year, with three deaths, in Saudi Arabia, along with two cases in Qatar. Three of the five cases in Saudi Arabia were part of a family cluster.

The Canadian government urged travelers to take precautions on Friday in light of the novel CoV. The Public Health Agency of Canada said that travelers could be subject to quarantine in some countries, such as Saudi Arabia, if they show flu-like symptoms. Canada was affected in 2003 by another coronavirus, severe acute respiratory syndrome.

The WHO revised its frequently asked questions about the novel CoV on Monday, stressing how little is known about the pathogen. Unlike the SARS virus, it does not appear to spread easily between humans.

"Common symptoms have been acute, serious respiratory illness with fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties," the WHO said, according to CIDRAP News. "Based on current clinical experience, the infection generally presents as pneumonia."

The WHO also updated its surveillance guidance for the pathogen on Monday, changing some wording for clarity with no significant alterations, CIDRAP News reports.