Pediatric vaccines market to grow into 2015

A new estimate places the approximate value of the global pediatric vaccine market above $23 billion in 2015.

Since 2005, the market has doubled in size. Researchers attributes the growth to a number of blockbuster vaccines, including the pneumococcals Prevnar7 and Prevnar 13, and the rotavirus vaccines Rotarix and Rotateq, according to

Renub Research recently published data on the global pediatric vaccine market that shows pediatric proprietary vaccines claiming slightly less than 60 percent of the entire vaccine market by 2015. Combinations, boosters and enhanced vaccines are expected to show slower growth as the market matures and margins lower.

Currently, pneumococcal, DTP and varicella vaccines makeup 55 percent of the market share. The report said that pediatric hepatitis and polio vaccines each consumed more than six million doses in 2011, but Renub expects these numbers to lower, especially in the case of polio, which is now only endemic in three countries.

Rotavirus vaccines are expected to decline in price in the coming years, but will still remain expensive in comparison to other critical childhood vaccines for some time, reports.

The report concludes that the pediatric vaccines industry will face some challenges but will still remain highly active in the future, especially due to increases in financing and encouragement from governments and public health organizations.