HPV vaccinations approved in Calgary Catholic School District

Trustees with the Calgary Catholic School District approved human papillomavirus vaccinations on district property on Wednesday as long as female students bring signed parental consent forms.

In 2008, the CCSD rejected the vaccinations on district property. Since that time, the district consulted 104 out of 105 school parent councils and 91 schools and came back with majority opinions in support of the change, the Calgary Sun reports.

"At the time the first motion was passed, not a lot was known - not enough to make our board comfortable with the vaccine itself," Mary Martin, the board chair, said, according to the Calgary Sun. "We recognize that a lot of time has passed ... we felt that it was important to go back and ask the question again."

Juliet Guichon, a representative of HPV Calgary, said that the decision was important because people can get very sick from HPV and even die.

Audrey Farrier, who has HPV and passed it onto her son when he was born, was in tears as she spoke with the media about the reversal.

"I'm a person of faith as well, and every life is sacred and my son's life is sacred, as well ... if you want to have good reproductive health, you don't roll the dice and play the odds," Farrier said, according to the Calgary Sun.

The motion was unanimously passed on Wednesday. The change will be retroactive, attempting to vaccine students who were eligible and missed since 2008, the Calgary Sun reports.