Indian man profiled by Wall Street Journal receives TB treatment

An Indian man with drug-resistant tuberculosis who was denied appropriate medicines by the Indian government started receiving the treatment he needed late last week.

Amol Dhuri, a man whose case was recently profiled in the Wall Street Journal, tested positive for extensively drug-resistant TB at a respected hospital but did not receive the needed treatment because the government would not recognize the results of the test, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Last week, Dhuri received an official government TB test that confirmed the results. Later in the week, he received the powerful medications that could treat his strain of the disease.

"I have been taking medicines for so long that did nothing and I only got sicker and sicker," Dhuri said, according to the Wall Street Journal. "I hope I can finally get well and return to work."

Giving TB patients ineffective treatments can allow the bacteria to mutate into more drug-resistant forms. Patients can also infect others with dangerous strains. According to the World Health Organization, TB patients transmit the disease to 10 to 15 people annually.

Dhuri lost both of his parents to the disease several years ago and recently had to quit his job at a local business because of his condition.

"I have only one dream in life," Dhuri said, according to the Wall Street Journal. "I want to work again so I can earn enough money to get my own room in the city for me and my sister."

Drug-resistant TB, which is more expensive and difficult to treat, is a major problem in India. Mumbai in particular is suffering from a major drug-resistance problem and has no lab certified to test for extremely resistant strains of the disease, the Wall Street Journal reports.