HIV/AIDS vaccine shows no adverse effects in human clinical trials

Canadian researchers announced on Tuesday that the first and only preventative vaccine against HIV/AIDS showed no adverse effects in human clinical trials so far.

SAV001-H, a vaccine developed by University of West Ontario researchers and supported by Sumagen Canada, is the only HIV vaccine currently under development in Canada. The vaccine is one of the few being developed worldwide, reports.

The researchers said that the progress could improve chances for success during the final phases of clinical testing. If successful, the vaccine could be the first commercialized HIV vaccine.

Infected women and men between the ages of 18 and 50 were enrolled in the study and randomized into two treatment groups to test the vaccine.

The scientists announced that there were no adverse effects observed following SAV001-H injection in all enrolled patients. The interim data also showed significant increase in some patients' formation of HIV-1 antibodies.

Given the results do date, the researchers said they are confident of SAV001-H's safety and the potency of inducing human immune responses. The scientists will now prepare to move toward the next phases of human clinical trials.

More than 28 million people have died from HIV/AIDS throughout the world and more than 34 million currently have the viral infection. There is no vaccine commercially available for the disease, reports.