Cholera outbreak in Sierra Leone slows

More than 21,500 cases of cholera have been reported in an outbreak in the West African country of Sierra Leone.

The children's charity Plan International reported that the number of deaths that have occurred as a result of the waterborne illness have reached 290, despite a general improvement in conditions, according to

"The general situation in the country has improved in regards to the cholera epidemic," Plan International's emergency response manager, Edward Sesay, said, reports. "But the outbreak is not yet over and response efforts are still being made until the disease in completely eradicated."

The United Nations consistently ranks Sierra Leone as one of the poorest nations in the world. Nearly two-thirds of its population lives on less than $1.60 per day.

Plan International is at the forefront of aid efforts in Sierra Leone. Its aid workers have been distributing medical supplies to villages caught in the outbreak and the charity has put up nearly 6,500 posters as part of an awareness drive in local schools.

"We continue to see a positive impact of this as we see a reduction in the cholera trend in the country," Sesay said, according to "With increased knowledge, communities now report cases promptly at health centers where they receive early and effective care."