Global Fund adopting new funding model

The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria recently released initial details on a new funding model amid criticism that the adoption process has been rushed and not sufficiently transparent.

The Global Fund began discussing the overhaul to its funding model in mid-September at a meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland. The change is one of several major reforms the Global Fund has embarked on in the last year, according to

The new model is expected to give a boost to the fund's grant-making efforts. The fund plans to drop its "round" process in favor of a more flexible approach that allocates funding, in part, according to country groupings based on disease burden and economic resources.

"Board members and stakeholders are considering aspects of what should be in a new model conscientiously and thoroughly," Global Fund Director of Communications Seth Faison said, reports.

Some reports assert that the Global Fund's Strategy, Investment and Impact Committee is rushing to develop the details of its plan by an October 15 deadline, according to

The proposed changes are also beginning to draw protest from groups that fear their funding levels could be cut because of the changes. Groups combating TB, for example, said that if allocations were based on mortality, TB programming would receive nearly 34 percent of the Global Fund's allocations. Currently, they receive 16 percent of the fund's resources and the new model will most likely drop funding levels.

"Concretely, these low funding levels would mean that the global TB funding gap of over two billion dollars per year for TB would widen, and that global scale-up of TB diagnosis and treatment will halt and potentially reverse," the StopTB Partnership announced, reports.