SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Trudeau and Chinese hospital team up for TB research

The Saranac Lake, New York-based Trudeau Institute is teaming up with a Chinese research hospital to determine how their laboratory studies could directly help people infected with tuberculosis.

Andrea Cooper, a researcher with the Trudeau Institute, hopes that the new partnership will break scientific ground and open up potential new funding. Cooper has worked on TB for 20 years, though much of the work has been in model systems and is not directly transferable to the human disease, North Country Public Radio reports.

"So in order to have the support of people, and people means money...I need to see whether the things I'm seeing in our model system are relevant to the human system," Cooper said, according to North Country Public Radio.

On a recent trip to China, Cooper visited with the Third People's Hospital in Shenzhen. The hospital treats TB patients and studies the disease in a research institute. Cooper said the TB research done by the Chinese scientists is similar to what her team has been working on.

"We have questions we'd like to ask them, and then they have questions they'd also like to bring back to our model system," Cooper said, according to North Country Public Radio. "Together, it makes things very exciting. They're excited to be working with us, and we're excited to be working with them."

Both institutes will send researchers abroad to one another in a sort of exchange program. The researchers will use that time to share research and learn new training techniques.