Sarah Chalke joins Faces of Influenza as national spokesperson

Actress Sarah Chalke recently joined Faces of Influenza, an influenza educational awareness group sponsored by the American Lung Association.

Chalke, best known as Dr. Elliot Reid on the television comedy Scrubs, will be the national spokesperson for Faces of Influenza for the 2012-2013 flu season.

"Like all mothers, I do whatever I can to keep my child healthy, and an important part of this is having him immunized against the flu," Chalke said. "And, to make sure the people in my son's life don't spread the virus to him, my family and I have all gotten our flu shots and will continue getting immunized every year."

Chalke stressed the critical role that mothers play in ensuring that every member of their family receives the season vaccine.

"We are all 'faces' of influenza, and we know people whose lives have been tragically affected by the illness," Dr. Norman H. Edelman, the chief medical officer of the ALA, said. "Vaccination is safe and effective, and is the best way to help prevent influenza.

"Now there are influenza vaccination options available for every age group - children, adults and seniors - people should talk with their health care provider to find the option that's right for them and each member of their family."