California infants exposed to TB likely not infected

California public health officials said that it is unlikely that any of the eight infants recently exposed to tuberculosis at a neonatal intensive care unit in a Sacramento Hospital will contract the disease.

Sacramento County Public Health Officer Olivia Kasirye said that the babies will receive antibiotic treatments as a precaution, but that none are currently showing any symptoms of TB, according to

Doctors will also conduct follow-up tests on the infants after six months in order to be certain none were affected.

Kasirye said the babies were exposed to the disease after someone with TB visited the neonatal facility at the Methodist Hospital of Sacramento in late August. The unit in question included babies born prematurely and with breathing problems.

"There is no way they could have anticipated this," Kasirye said, reports.

The health officer said that the visitor only began showing TB symptoms after the visit, so there is no way the hospital could have prevented the exposure. The visitor was not tested for TB until after falling ill and going to a local emergency room.

Kasirye said that the room holding the infants was very large and that the infected person was in the early stages of the disease. These factors both mitigate the risk of infection.