Ohio H3N2v cases rise to 98

The number of human cases of the H3N2v strain of swine flu in Ohio hiss hit 98 since July, according to the Ohio Department of Health.

The Ohio counties accounting for the most cases were Butler County with 17, Champaign County with 15 and Gallia County with 11. Confirmed cases of the swine flu strain are in people ranging from six months of age to 51 years old. Several of the cases have required hospitalization but the patients have been treated and released, the Examiner reports.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported on Friday that 52 new human cases of the strain were confirmed, bringing the overall number in the nation to 276 cases since July. The CDC said that the main risk factor for infection is the exposure to pigs, mostly in the setting of a state or county fair.

The CDC also reported three cases of likely human-to-human spread of the H3N2v virus. Joseph Breese, a CDC medical epidemiologist, said that the virus does not easily spread between humans, according to Examiner.

The H3N2v influenza was initially found in pigs in 2010 and the first human infection was detected in July 2011. The strain appears to be more transmissible from pigs to humans than other variant strains.