SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

Greece reports rise in malaria cases

The Hellenic Center for Disease Control and Prevention recently warned that Malaria may return to Greece 38 years after being eradicated.

KEELPNO attributes the new surge in malaria patients to widespread travel, specifically to countries where malaria is still endemic, Digital Journal reports.

Climate conditions, mosquito activity and the influx of immigrants to Greece may all be responsible for the rise in malaria cases, according to KEELPNO.

Malaria is just one of a number of previously eradicated diseases making a comeback in Greece. West Nile Virus also returned this summer, again due to ideal mosquito conditions and activity, KEELPNO said, Digital Journal reports.

Greek health ministers warned citizens in April about the increase of such diseases as leprosy, syphilis and cholera. These diseases, the ministers said, came from a surge in illegal immigrants. KEELPNO launched health checks on migrants and hospitalized those with communicable diseases.

Tuberculosis and hepatitis have also seen a rise, leading to more infected immigrants being isolated in Greek hospitals as a preventative measure. This, though, has resulted in fewer hospital beds for other patients.

This return of eradicated diseases has put extra strain on the Greek health care system, which is already in crisis, Digital Journal reports.