Sussex County confirms additional measles cases

Sussex County, United Kingdom, confirmed additional measles cases on Monday, with 10 more cases since July 28, bringing the confirmed total to 314.

Sussex has more cases of measles than any county in the nation other than Merseyside. Brighton and Hove experienced 186 reported cases this year while East Sussex has 88 cases and West Sussex has 40 cases. Through all of 2011, the county reported 173 cases, the Argus reports.

There were 232 cases reported in the county by the end of June.

The actual number of overall cases is thought to be higher because not all suspected measles cases are sent to be tested.

Common complications of measles include pneumonia, diarrhea, ear infections and dehydration. More serious and rare complications include encephalitis and convulsions, according to the Argus.

Health officials blame poor uptake rates for the two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine for the outbreak.

The city is setting up clinics in Brighton and Hove during the summer holiday so that people can get the MMR vaccine. One clinic will take place at the School Clinic in Morley Street on Thursday while the other will occur at the Hollingdean Children's Center in Brightwood Road on Friday. The two sessions will start at 9 a.m. and run until noon, the Argus reports.