Initial TB tests negative for 77 Scarborough Hospital infants

Tuberculosis tests came back negative in the initial round of testing for babies that were potentially exposed to the disease at Toronto's Scarborough Hospital.

Tests for the 77 infants tested came back negative, though there are 10 babies who have not been tested. Eight of the 10 babies have appointments for testing and two have not been contacted, the Star reports.

The 87 babies were in the Scarborough Hospital's neonatal intensive care unit between April 1 and July 18. A nurse with a low-level TB infection worked there during that time and stopped working after receiving the diagnosis. Her symptoms were present for the disease at least a month before testing positive, according to the Star.

The Toronto Public Health Department contacted the families of the infants on July 31 for testing, 10 weeks of preventative medicine and follow-up testing.

Most of the parents gave positive feedback after the proactive response to potential TB risk. One mother filed a $6 million class action lawsuit against the chief of pediatrics, the nurse and the hospital, the Star reports.

"It appears that the hospital knew or was aware that the nurse in question was a risk and allowed her to continue caring for the babies who were susceptible to this potentially lethal disease," Andrew Stein, the lawyer for the mother, said, according to the Star.

All 77 chest X-rays and skin tests came back negative.

"So far, there are absolutely no red flags," Elizabeth Rea, Toronto Public Health's associate medical officer of health, said, according to the Star.