Four more die in Ugandan Ebola outbreak

Uganda has reported four deaths this week from patients suspected to be suffering from Ebola, bringing the death toll to 18 in the third wave of the disease in Uganda in the past decade.

There are 14 new cases of the disease that are now isolated in wards in hospitals in Mulago and Kagadi. Health authorities visited a suspected Ebola case on Tuesday in Mbarara. The patient has been placed into isolation, the New Vision reports.

The patients who died on Monday included a woman from the Burunzi village, a five-year-old from the Kenga village, a 12-year-old from the Nyamarunda village and another patient from the Nyamugusa village. Eleven suspected patients were admitted on Tuesday at the Kagadi hospital in Kibaale and three others were admitted to the Mulago hospital in Kampala.

"(We are) actively and closely monitoring 40 people who are suspected to have got in contact with the dead," the health ministry's surveillance team in Kibaale, said, according to the New Vision. "These contacts have not shown any signs of the disease but will be monitored for 21 days."

On Tuesday, patients in Kibaale protested being poorly fed at the hospital. A health official said that while they don't have enough money to feed the patients, the health ministry is making arrangements to buy them food.

The first Ugandan outbreak of Ebola occurred in Gulu in 2000, followed by a Bundibugyo outbreak in 2007 that killed hundreds.