Polio vaccination volunteer attacked in Pakistan

The nose of a polio vaccination volunteer was broken in Islamabad, Pakistan, this week by a man who refused to allow his children to receive the vaccine for fear of a Western conspiracy.

Mohsin Ali, a student from International Islamic University and a member of the polio immunization team, visited the house of Nadir Khan on Monday and asked if there were any children present under five years of age. Khan said there were no children present, but Ali saw children playing in the courtyard. After Ali asked Khan to bring over the children for the vaccination, Khan returned with a wooden stick and began hitting Ali, Dawn.com reports.

The attack broke Ali's nose. Tariq Mehmood, the zonal supervisor of the campaign, informed the police upon learning of the injury.

"Vaccination is a conspiracy of the West and it makes a person impotent or diminishes his fertility," Hamaish Gul, a relative of Khan, said, according to Dawn.com. "The West wants to decrease the population of our country. No child is born without the will of God, so we should not use these things. I have 12 children and all of them are healthy."

It is not unusual for some to refuse polio vaccination for their children in the tribal areas.

"We have been trying to convince the people that vaccine is in their interest but still there are some persons who cannot be convinced," Hassan Arooj, the director health of the Capital Development Authority, said, according to Dawn.com.