TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

China releases disease data for May

The Chinese Ministry of Health recently reported that it had confirmed nearly one million cases of infectious disease infection in May on the Chinese mainland that resulted in 1,575 deaths.

The majority of the deaths, 1,441 cases, were reportedly as a result of infections by Category B diseases, which include hepatitis, tuberculosis, syphilis, dysentery and gonorrhea, according to Xinhua.

In China, infectious diseases are classified into three categories, with Category A diseases being the least severe.

The ministry also reported that there were no known cases of SARS, human-communicable bird flu, polio or diphtheria on the mainland in May. There were seven cases of cholera, a Category A disease, but none were fatal.

Category C diseases killed 134 people in China in May. Of the deceased, 132 were infected with hand-foot-mouth disease, Xinhua reports.

China recently announced that its first national survey of tuberculosis produced disturbing results. Researchers said that at least one in 10 Chinese infected with tuberculosis had a drug-resistant strain of the highly infectious lung disease, according to NPR.

Out of the million Chinese that are infected with TB every year, nearly 10,000 are believed to have the extensively resistant form of the disease, which can be incurable in some cases.