Sterilization system proves effective against TB

Medizone, Inc., recently reported that its newly launched disinfectant technology, AsepticSure, was 100 percent effective against tuberculosis in a series of three successive trials.

The company's president, Dr. Michael Shannon, said the trials confirmed that AsepticSure is capable of mitigating the risks associated with TB contamination in healthcare settings.

"Although tuberculosis is not spread through contact with contaminated surfaces; contaminated ventilation systems, isolation wards and tuberculosis laboratories have proven very difficult to disinfect and hence, pose a serious threat to the health and safety of those persons occupying these spaces," Dr. Dick Zoutman, Medizone's chief medical officer, said.

The AsepticSure sterilization system is a remotely operated unit that emits an ozone-based gas formula capable of clearing sealed areas of dangerous pathogens.

"With a small increase in treatment time (beyond our standard 90 minute protocol, start to finish) we demonstrated that AsepticSure consistently produces >6 log reductions of Mycobacterium terrae, a well established surrogate organism for Mycobacterium tuberculosis," Shannon said. "It's an inescapable fact that the world is facing one of its toughest medical challenges to-date with the massive resurgence of what is tantamount to a contagion-like strain of TB. It will take an extraordinary solution to combat it. In AsepticSure, the world may very well have that solution."