FRIDAY, JUNE 22, 2018

Cholera outbreak in Ghana begins to subside

After more than 4,000 cholera cases and 64 deaths in Ghana this year following a first quarter cholera outbreak, health officials in Accra have announced a significant decline in the number of cases.

Accra, the capital of Ghana, is leading the outbreak with 2,756 cases and 31 deaths. Simpson Anim Boateng, the public health director of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, said that while figures are decreasing, the fatality rates are not acceptable, reports.

Boateng called for the tidying up of public places and a rapid response to cases that have been reported. The onset of the rainy season may lead to fresh outbreaks unless residents adhere strictly to environmental and personal hygienic practices. If residents of Accra fail to maintain such standards, a massive outbreak of cholera and other diseases could occur.

Boateng said that the outbreak was caused by large amounts of filth, perennial flooding and the sale of contaminated food. He said that the assembly's by-laws on hygiene kept the situation from getting out of control. Boateng appealed to residents infected with cholera to seek treatment early on since it is free. He stressed that people should adhere to the AMA by-laws.

"(In addition) avoid buying food exposed to flies and other unhygienic conditions and avoid buying food prepared and sold under unhygienic conditions," Boateng said, according to