Girl dies from XXDR-TB in India

A 13-year-old Indian girl infected with a strain of tuberculosis resistant to all known anti-TB drugs recently died from the illness.

The girl is one of eight patients confirmed with extremely drug resistant TB by the Indian National Tuberculosis Center in Bangalore, according to

She originally tested positive for the lung infection three years ago and was treated by a series of private doctors.

"She had completed two full regimens of the treatment before she was brought to us," a senior civil health official said, reports. "Patients should approach us directly to avoid any delay in treatment."

After initial treatment failed, she was given the Directly Observed Treatment Shortcourse Plus for extensively resistant cases by the Revised National Tuberculosis Program at a hospital in Goregaon.

The Revised National Tuberculosis Program continues to treat five of the six known remaining XXDR-TB cases in India. The sixth patient is being treated at Hinduja Hospital in Mahim, where the illness was initially identified and reported.

The World Health Organization recently warned that tuberculosis could become incurable if governments fail to act.

The WHO blames a reduction in public health funding, the sale of inaccurate blood tests and the misuse of TB medicine, especially in the private health sector, for hampering the fight against TB and boosting its resistance to frontline drugs, according to

Extreme drug-resistant strains of TB have been confirmed in at least 70 countries. Doctors in India, Iran and Italy have reported seeing patients that have shown resistance to all known TB medications.