U.K. MPs urge more money for Global Fund

Members of the British Parliament are urging the United Kingdom to give more money to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

The International Development Committee raised concerns that funding previously pledged by ministers over a year ago has yet to be delivered, according to the BBC.

Several ministers indicated that they will support an increase in donations once they are convinced that the Fund has adequately followed through on a series of reforms. The Fund recently faced allegations of fraud, a shortfall of donors and a major change of leadership.

The global health organization currently provides approximately 65 percent of all international financing used to fight TB and malaria and approximately 21 percent of the financing used to fight AIDS.

The committee said that the Fund has had a difficult year and been forced to cancel its latest round of planned grants.

"The U.K. has been a reliable partner to the Global Fund but we are concerned at the continued delay in providing additional funds," MP Malcom Bruce, the committee chair and Liberal Democrat, said, the BBC reports. "We strongly urge the Department for International Development to do all possible to commit funds earlier than 2013.

The U.K. has pledged to give the Fund up to approximately $600 million by 2015.