FRIDAY, JUNE 15, 2018

Australian triathlete in medical isolation with possible TB

Australian Olympic triathlete Brad Kahlefeldt was recently placed in isolation at a San Diego hospital with symptoms that point to tuberculosis.

Kahlefeldt complained of pains in the left side of his chest during the closing 10 kilometer run of the ITU Triathlon World Championship Series race at San Diego's Mission Beach. The Australian Triathlon team immediately sent Kahlefeldt to the hospital for chest x-rays, according to

The Australian is considered one of the best runners in the world triathlon and scheduled to appear at the summer Olympic Games in London. He was in the top 10 at the start of the race in San Diego, but finished 24th.

"The x-rays showed there was a shadow on the left side of his lung and he is undergoing a CAT scan and other tests to determine the diagnosis," Michael Flynn, the Australian team's manager, said, reports. "The Triathlon Australia team doctor spoke to Brad and the doctor at the hospital in San Diego and he will hopefully have some answers within the next 24 hours. Our doctor has told us that there is a possibility that Brad could have tuberculosis or even pneumonia - the next day or so will confirm that.

"For the moment we have to assume that it is tuberculosis and Brad has to remain in isolation until they determine the diagnosis one way or the other."

Kahlefeldt was supposed to fly to Majorca, Spain, in preparation for the next ITU World Championship Series race in Madrid, but he will not be allowed to travel or train until he receives an all-clear from doctors.