Malaria deaths among Sudan refugees dropping

The United Nations recently reported that malaria deaths among refugees living along the Sudan border have dropped since the implementation of malaria-reduction strategies.

Malaria was credited with killing more Sudanese refugees in Kakuma Camp in northern Kenya that any other illness. A new U.N. report now says it is only the fifth leading cause of death among the 38,000 refugees living in the camp, according to

The U.N. report credits a five year campaign called Nothing but Nets with success in limiting the total number of malaria-related deaths. The campaign, run by the United Nations Foundation, hopes to end malaria deaths by 2015.

Nothing But Nets recently issued an emergency appeal to send 100,000 bed nets to help South Sudanese refugees fleeing the conflict along the Sudan border.

Chris Helfrich, the director of the U.N. Foundation's Nothing But Nets campaign, recently visited Kakuma Camp.

"It's a tough situation here in Kakuma, obviously, but we are happy to bring hope and do a little of something; these people, they have very tough lives but we are happy to bring nets because with everything else they have to deal with, malaria shouldn't be one of them," Helfrich said, reports.

The Nothing But Nets campaign began after American sports journalist Rick Reilly challenged his readers to donate $10 to help purchase bed nets. The group now raises millions of dollars worldwide.