SUNDAY, JUNE 17, 2018

Indian health officials confirm eight patients resistant to all known TB drugs

India's National Tuberculosis Institute recently validated the retesting of eight patients from a Mumbai hospital whose TB infections have shown at least partial resistance to all known TB drugs.

Earlier this year, doctors at Hinduja Hospital announced that they had detected 12 TB cases they called totally drug resistant, a terminology not accepted by the World Health Organization. A team of experts from the Delhi-based Central TB Division and the NTI later classified eight of the cases as extremely drug-resistant, a status also not accepted by the WHO, according to the

"The report sent by CTD said the samples sent from Hinduja to NTI are XDR with additional resistance to second line drugs," Dr. Camilla Rodrigues, the head of the microbiology department at Hinduja Hospital, said, reports.

Dr. PY Gaikwad, a state TB officer, said that two of the six patients appear to be sensitive to one second-line drug, but are resistant to all other known treatments. Of the 12 original patients reported by Hinduja Hospital, three have died.

"We will place this report on record before the DOTS+ committee that deals with drug resistant TB and figure out the line of treatment that could be offered to these patients now," Gaikwad said, reports. "All other patients are doing well. It shows that immunity of the host (patient) also matters, not just the drug sensitivity to the bacteria."