Nigeria on path to malaria eradication

The country director of a major global research organization recently said that Nigeria can eradicate malaria.

Dr. Jerome Mafeni of RTI International's Global Health Group said that the multiplicity and size of malaria interventions in the county support the eventual eradication of the illness, according to Tribune.com.ng.

Mafeni said that increasing early and correct diagnosis, distribution of insecticide-treated malaria netting and artemisinin combination therapy are all moving Nigeria in the proper direction.

"The implementation and scaling up of all these malaria intervention programs as well as their sustenance for a long period have the potential to eventually move Nigeria from a malaria endemic nation to the pre-elimination and elimination stages," Mafeni said, Tribune.com.ng reports. "Nigeria is moving from a situation where nothing was being done, to where several things are being done and the results are beginning to show gradually. If you look at hospital statistics, the number of malaria cases seen is reducing and that will continue so long as the interventions are sustained."

The RTI representative said that, in the long run, Nigerians may have to pay for treated mosquito nets to replace the ones they were initially given free of charge, but declared that their value would make them a worthwhile investment.