SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 2018

Additional flu cases confirmed at Conn. home for veterans

Four more veterans at the Connecticut state veterans' home in Rocky Hill, Conn., have been hospitalized due to influenza after an outbreak of the disease occurred in the complex.

Since Monday, 22 veterans have been sent to hospitals in the area for treatment. One veteran has already returned to the home, which includes a residential facility and a health care center, Associated Press reports.

The outbreak is unusual because it is late in the flu season and the veterans had previously received flu shots. Public health officials have taken nasal swabs from residents who reported flu-like symptoms to ascertain whether or not the flu strain has previously been identified. The hospitalized veterans remain in stable condition.

There have also been 11 staff members who have called out sick with possible flu symptoms.

"We were lucky that we identified it," Linda Schwartz, the state veterans' affairs commissioner, said, according to Associated Press. "We're doing everything we can and our biggest concern is the people in the health care facility who already have respiratory problems. This is not going to be helpful."

The Rocky Hill complex is home to approximately 475 veterans and 300 staff members. On Monday, staff and veterans at the home received Tamiflu doses as a precautionary measure.