TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 2018

More than 100 students test positive for latent TB at Colorado high school

According to the Denver Health Medical Center, 120 students out of 906 tested at Longmont High School in Longmont, Colorado, have tested positive for the latent form of tuberculosis.

While latent TB is not the active, contagious form of the disease, there are concerns that those with latent TB could get treatment and still develop the active form of the disease. All students who tested positive are being treated, the Denver Channel reports.

"I didn't think that this would ever happen to my kid," Carl Rarrick, a parent of one of the confirmed infected students, said, according to the Denver Channel. "I almost cried. He's got a good future ahead of him."

Rarrick's son Kori tested negative for TB in January but tested positive in the more recent round of exams. Doctors said that the case of active TB that caused the infections has been unusually active. No other active cases have been found. Infection may take up to eight weeks to incubate, which is why students tested early on had to be re-tested later for precautionary measures.

"It's sad, because schools are supposed to be there to protect your children, not infect them with a disease that's going to stay there the rest of their lives," Rarrick said, according to the Denver Channel.

According to a spokesman for Longmont High School, attendance is not down at the school and only three students didn't come to school during the recent tests.