Liberia secures $60 million to fight malaria

The Liberian government, through the support of the Global Fund, has accumulated approximately $60 million in its fight against domestic cases of malaria.

The Ministry of Health and Social Welfare will oversee the control of the grant while major international NGOs such as Plan-Liberia will aid the country in implementing the grant to battle malaria. David Logan, the program manager of the Global Fund, announced the $60 million milestone at a workshop put together by Plan-Liberia, All Africa reports.

During the workshop, Mohamed Bah, the county director of Plan-Liberia, said that the training is part of a plan to increase the knowledge of Plan-Liberia's partners in the fight against malaria through all political subdivisions of the country. The campaign will be divided into phases and will be held in cities, towns and communities throughout the country. The malaria campaign is anticipated to reach all parts of Liberian society.

Aruna Fallah, the chief of the ruling party, said that the grant was made available by the Global Fund to fight against malaria, which continues to claim many lives in Liberia and Africa as a whole. Citizens of Liberia and all governmental institutions involved with the grant will need to work hard to take full advantage of the funding, Fallah said, All Africa reports.