Measles cases continue to rise in Merseyside, United Kingdom

According to the Health Protection Agency, the number of confirmed measles cases in Merseyside, United Kingdom, has risen to 36.

The outbreak, which was first announced two weeks ago, may also include an additional 35 cases that were under investigation and require follow ups from general practitioners. Most of the cases are in Liverpool, with three in St. Helens, one in Widnes and six in Knowsley, Liverpool Echo reports.

Most of the cases have occurred in children under the age of five who did not receive the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine at 13 months of age. Toddlers and babies too young to have received the vaccination have also been hit by the infectious disease.

"We have alerted GPs and asked them to notify us of any cases they come across," Roberto Vivancos, a consultant for the HPA, said when the outbreak was first reported, according to BBC. "We are also asking parents and GPs to do all they can to ensure that children are fully protected by MMR vaccine."

Symptoms for measles include cough, sore eyes, fever and a rash that may develop in three to four days. The rash begins on the head and face and spreads down the body. Measles is spread when those infected with the disease sneeze or cough.