InDevR announces plans for flu diagnosinv device

The Boulder-based InDevR, LLC, recently announced plans to hire several new scientists as it begins work on a device capable of diagnosing influenza and other infectious diseases at the point of care.

InDevR will collaborate with GE Global Research on the detector's development, which will be funded by a $5.8 million grant from the U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, according to

"The DARPA contract will not only support innovative research to improve flu diagnosis, it will administer a healthy shot in the arm for Boulder's economy in the form of new, high-paying technology jobs at InDevR," Katy Rowlen, InDevR's CEO and chief science officer, said, reports.

The new device, which InDevR says will be able to diagnose malaria, E. coli and salmonella, is designed to be highly portable and easy to operate so it can be used by a broad range of medical providers in field settings.

InDevR also plans to make the detector readily adaptable to identify new strains of influenza and other infectious diseases.

DARPA is funding the project as a means to assess the health of soldiers in remote areas of operation where healthcare access is limited. It could also be deployed by the U.S. military on humanitarian missions and disaster-relief missions.