Republic of Congo reports 340 cholera cases

Health authorities in the Republic of Congo have reported approximately 340 confirmed cases of cholera since June in the northern district of Likouala.

There have been nine deaths in Likouala related to the waterborne illness since June, and health officials warned that the illness is continuing to spread. They fear some local health centers lack sufficient supplies to deal with the outbreak, according to

Jean Martin Mabiala, the physician in charge of health services in the district, said that the total number of cholera cases is likely much higher, but many suspected cases will remain unconfirmed because the remoteness of their locations.

"Some deaths have not been taken into account because the [deceased's] families have not reported them," Mabiala said, reports. "We have received some medical supplies from Brazzaville but the cholera patients use so much we have almost run out," he said. "There is a lot to be done to raise awareness and disinfect houses."

In Brazzaville, the ROC capital, a measles epidemic has claimed two lives in the last two weeks and 200 new cases were reported, according to Alexis Elira Dokekias, the director-general of the health ministry. Dokekias said that many children lack proper vaccinations.