Indiana school district bars students who aren't vaccinated against the measles

A school district in Indiana has refused to allow students not vaccinated against the measles to attend classes in the wake of an outbreak that continues to spread.

School officials in Hamilton County, Indiana, recently announced that White River Elementary and Noblesville Intermediate School students will no longer be allowed to attend school without the state-required measles vaccine until further notice, according to

Approximately 250 teachers and staff were examined at a clinic held to aid in determining whether the measles was continuing to spread. Many had blood drawn for further testing.

"We have to have enough teachers to keep the school buildings open," Mark Booth, the district's director of student services, said, reports.

Booth said that 21 preschool-age students, seven elementary students and 26 intermediate school students are reported to not have the proper vaccinations and would not be allowed into the two schools. He also acknowledged that at least two percent of the district's students, approximately 230, are not immunized.

A clinic is being held for unimmunized students from White River Elementary. It will not be open to the general public.

State health officials recently placed the two Noblesville schools on a list of sites where people may have been exposed to the highly infectious respiratory illness.