MONDAY, JUNE 18, 2018

Hartford, Conn., faces TB scare

Public health officials are conducting tuberculosis testing on the staff and hundreds of visitors to a healthcare center in Hartford, Connecticut.

A Hartford resident who is known to frequent the Charter Oak Health Center recently tested positive for TB, sparking concerns that others may have been exposed, including the facility's 28 staff members, reports.

Dr. Raul Pino, Hartford's health director, said that the screenings are entirely precautionary in nature. Rino said that the city of Hartford is not in the presence of a TB outbreak and that all protocols are being followed, according to

"People need to know there is no reason to be alarmed," Rino said, reports. "We don't have a case of any over-exposure, and we have taken all the measures that need to be in place to protect the public."

The Charter Oak Health Center is located inside the Connecticut Children's Medical Hospital, but visitors to the hospital are not considered at risk for exposure.

TB is spread through the air by individuals with an active infection. Most infections are latent in nature and only one out of 10 latent infections generally results in an active infection. Latent infections can be diagnosed with a simple skin test.