MONDAY, JUNE 25, 2018

University of South Florida students exposed to TB

Approximately 150 University of South Florida students, faculty, staff and community members are to be tested for tuberculosis after a possible case of the infection was identified.

Health officials from the Hillsborough County Health Department said that the student in question has been placed in isolation and is being administered TB drug therapy. Federal privacy laws prevent the student's identity from being released, according to

In a statement released last week, school officials said the possibly infected student no longer poses a health risk to others.

Steve Huard, a spokesman for the county health department, said that investigators looked into what classes the student is taking, where he lives and what activities he is involved in in order to determine who may have been exposed to the disease.

"This is pretty much TB investigation 101," Huard said, reports. "The good thing is TB's been around for a long time, so we know how this disease is spread, we know who's at risk and we know how to treat it."

According to Huard, health officials expect up to 10 percent of those screened to test positive for TB. Those who test negative will be referred to the county's TB clinic for a medical background check, screenings and counseling.

"Nobody's life is at risk here," Huard said, reports. "It's very treatable."