Purdue University calls for measles vaccine proof

Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, has warned 972 students that they must show proof that they have received measles shots by March 12.

If the students do not produce the proper documentation, they will receive emails warning them of a hold on their academic records and they will be unable to register for classes. The action comes after the Indiana Department of Health's report of a measles outbreak in the Indianapolis Super Bowl Village, Wish TV reports.

"This should be particularly concerning to students who are not yet compliant with immunization regulations," James Westman, the director of the Student Health Center, said, according to Wish TV. "Should a confirmed case of measles be reported on the Purdue West Lafayette campus, all students who are not compliant and do not show a measles immunity will be excluded from attending classes and other campus activities for the duration of any potential outbreak, which is no less than seven days and possibly more than 21 days."

Westman said that vaccinations have a 30 day window before one can be considered compliant.

More than 200,000 people visited the Super Bowl Village last Friday, the same day as the visit of an Indiana resident infected with measles. Those who have not been immunized against measles are at the highest risk for contamination, the Associated Press reports.