Denver-area high school to test students for TB

Students and teachers at a Denver-area high school will be tested for tuberculosis after one student fell ill from an infection.

The results of earlier tests that were delivered to some parents of Longmont high school students showed a large number of positives for latent TB. So far, only the student who initially fell ill has tested positive for the active form of the disease, according to

School officials told parents that those who tested positive for latent TB are not showing signs of the illness, are not contagious and can be treated so active TB does not develop over time.

The Colorado Department of Health and Environment is currently developing a plan to test the high school's entire student body and staff.

The single case of active TB was reported in December. Immediately after the case was confirmed, approximately a dozen students and staff were tested. Following the initial round of tests, an additional 140 people were tested. Of those, at least 40 percent were positive for latent TB.

The school's principal later announced that the testing would be expanded to include all of the students and staff because the number of positive results was larger than expected.

"They've kept it pretty low-key, which I like because TB scares so many people," parent Allyson Stauffer said, reports. "It's a frightening disease and so they've kept it very low-key, very calm; there have been no panics, and that's a really good thing."