Survey reveals 300,000 teens missed vaccinations in San Diego

According to survey data from the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, approximately 300,000 teenagers in the county were not current with their vaccinations in 2009-10.

The figures were revealed in advanced of Preteen Vaccination Week, which occurs between February 12 and 18. Chickenpox had the highest vaccination rate at 81 percent. Approximately half of the area's female adolescents received human papillomavirus shots, CW San Diego Six reports.

The study also reported that 30 percent of teens were vaccinated for influenza and 47 percent had their pertussis and meningitis shots.

"These adolescent diseases can be prevented," Wilma Wooten, the county public health officer, said, according to CW San Diego Six. "Vaccinating your children is the best line of defense."

Wooten said that everyone over the age of six months should receive an annual flu shot. Children eight years and younger receiving the flu vaccine for the first time should get two doses, but only one is recommended for those older than eight. Unvaccinated adolescents who have not had chickenpox should receive two doses of the chickenpox vaccine.

Before starting the school year in seventh grade, students in the county must show proof that they have received a booster shot to protect against pertussis.