Several students test positive for TB at Colorado high school

According to a Denver Public Health official, several students at Longmont High School in Longmont, Colorado, have tested positive in blood tests for latent tuberculosis.

As a result of the positive tests, the testing of staff and students at the school has expanded. Randall Reves, the medical director of the Denver Metro Tuberculosis Control Program, said that latent TB infection was not contagious and that those infected can undergo treatment to prevent the infection from being contagious, KMGH-7 reports.

Students and staff were tested last week when health officials announced that a student at the school was confirmed to have active TB. Students who registered a negative test may need to repeat the test in a month because it may take up to eight weeks after the test to become positive after being exposed.

Reves posted a letter on the school's website stating that this was not a TB outbreak and that students and staff do not need to skip school or related activities.

"If your student's blood test is positive for TB it almost certainly means there is TB infection - not active TB - and it is not a contagious condition," Reves said, according to KMGH-7. "We you to schedule a chest X-ray to confirm that it is not active TB."

The student who was originally diagnosed with TB is now making a full recovery with treatment.