Measles case reported in Michigan toddler

A 15-month-old girl was recently diagnosed with the measles in Oakland County, Michigan.

Oakland County health officials are working with a local doctor's office in an effort to trace any others that might have been exposed to the infectious illness. The physician reported first seeing the patient on January 10, according to

Health officials said that the child most likely contracted the illness while in Southeast Asia. Last year, there were two measles cases in Oakland County reported in people who had travelled abroad who were not properly vaccinated.

"Since we have a very mobile population when people travel to other regions of the country or other countries where outbreaks are occurring they have the potential to bring the disease back to the county," Kathleen Forzley of the Oakland County Health Department said, reports.

With measles cases currently on the rise in Michigan, the Michigan Academy of Family Physicians has begun urging parents to have their children vaccinated.

"Immunizations are a simple step that can keep Michigan kids healthy, even with outbreaks on the rise and children being hospitalized by the dozens in nearby states like Indiana and Minnesota," Dr. Peter Graham, the MAFP president said, reports.