Measles health alert issued in California city

A recent confirmed case of measles in an unvaccinated child in Riverside County, California, has prompted county public health officials to issue a Measles Health Alert.

The child was reported to have been seen in several healthcare settings while still contagious. Officials fear the outbreak will grow, according to

Riverside County has not confirmed a measles case since 2006, but California has seen a growing number of cases in the past two years.

The Measles Health Alert offers advice to those who suspect they, or their child, may have contracted the illness. Those with potential infections are asked to mask their nose and mouth, and should not remain in public areas, such as waiting rooms, where they can expose people, especially infants too young to be vaccinated.

Doctors and hospitals have been told not to use an exam room for at least two hours after seeing a patient who may have the measles. Physicians have also been asked to use caution when recommending a patient to be sent to an outside lab for testing, reports.

California health professionals are most likely already on alert for more potential cases, but parents should still notify doctors of any fever or rash, especially if their child has not received the MMR vaccine. Ideally, this should be done before making a trip to the doctor's office so arrangements can be made to limit exposure risks.